Saturday, September 10, 2011

Home ventilation’ system cuts energy bills and improves health

The new Ventis system, is a revolutionary home health product that can cut a family’s heating bills by approximately half, as well as making the home environment healthier, by removing damp and mould.

THIS new technology, never seen before in NSW, simply takes the warmer air out of the roof space of a house, pushes it through hospital grade filters, taking out dust, pollens and other allergens and pushes fresh, clean air through the home, drying it out and warming homes in the coolers months.

It also cools homes in the summer months by taking the cooler, evening air from outside the home and filtering it into the home, so that people can sleep easier in cool, ventilated rooms, without having to leave windows open.

Similar product philosophies have been extensively tested in Europe, the States and New Zealand and had staggering results not just on customers’ power bills, but also on family health, improving the health of family members suffering from respiratory illnesses, such as asthma, as well as other allergic conditions, such as eczema.

The solution is tailor-made by the Ventis consultants to suit each home and is easy and hassle free to install.

Dave Kennedy from Ventis said about the new company and product, “We’re passionate about offering new environmental solutions to energy issues and to help improve family health.

“Additionally, we know that Sydney homes can suffer from damp and mould issues, all of which not only slowly degrade the structural aspects of your home, but are also extremely bad for people’s health long term. Breathing in mould has been proven to cause respiratory illnesses and black mould has been proven to be a carcenogen.

“We have already had amazing feedback from a customer who suffered badly from allergies, in particular, hayfever. Following the installation of their Ventis system, she has woken up without itchy and puffy eyes and feels more energized. This is what we are excited about, being able to offer the people of the Northern Beachers a way to make their homes even more comfortable,” continued Mr Kennedy.

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